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Go Yoga diary of Abbi & Jack: Part 2

Last week we read about Abbi and her 4-week actioned-packed introduction to Go Yoga in Harrogate.

This week, it's time to hear from her lovely fianceé Jack about his yoga initiation and find out if it was everything he thought it would be......

Hey Jack, good to see you. So, tell us, was this your very first introduction to yoga?

Yoga is always something I have wanted to do, but I have never made it a priority in my training schedule.

Being a personal trainer for over 10 years, I have always been active – not just in the gym, but through playing lots of football and various other sporting activities, too.

I’ve never participated in any sports where I have had to be particularly flexible, so I knew this would be something different!

Tell us how you found your first few weeks at Go Yoga?

Over the last three weeks, I have been going to Go Yoga about twice a week and have loved it!

In the first couple of sessions, I found getting into some of the positions really hard – but I felt amazing after. I noticed that after doing a yoga session in the evening, I slept a lot better, too.

Was it a challenge? Even as a Personal Trainer?

The hot yoga was definitely a challenge at first, because not only was it tough to get into some of the positions, but the heat meant that I had to concentrate a lot harder and focus on my breathing.

In my 5th and 6th session, I knew how to get into some of the positions and the amazing thing is that there is always some form of progression you can go to with each position, which I loved the challenge of.

Did you feel supported along the way?

Jo was my instructor for nearly all of my sessions and she was honestly amazing. She was very clear in her instructions, always helping me to get into the positions when I thought it was near on impossible. Most of all, she never made me feel like a total beginner, even when there were so many advanced people within the class.

She took the time after the classes to talk to us about the importance of yoga and the benefits of the meditation side also. She was great and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

So, will you be carrying on??

Moving forward, yoga is definitely something I will be continuing within my weekly routine, and it will definitely be at Go Yoga.

As a very fit and healthy individual, it’s amazing to be able to push yourself in a totally new environment - it just shows there is always something new you can be working on!