We like to vary it up a little, so this is where our workshops come in. Come discover Yin Yoga, Tequila Raves, Yoga and Art days, Law of Attraction, Songwriting, Soundbaths and if you don't see any of these up as they vary all the time, let us know you want one and we will aim to please!

Candlelit Yoga


Candlelit Yoga

January 6th 7pm
Finish up your week with Ultra Unwind Candlelit Yoga Session with Sophie.
A 90 minute practise comprising, a chocolate meditation, warm Vinyasa Flow  and a deep stretch  sourced relaxation.
(Included in Christmas Bundle) 



Vocal Vinyasa

Join Sophie Bickerdike on November 25th for this unique Sound and Voice Workshop
£20 (early bird)


We had so much fun at the vocal empowerment workshop last week, and I received feedback from several people that they'd like to see more voice workshops to attend.


So with service in mind, I'm excited to announce a new upcoming voice workshop for

this month!


It's an immersive YogaSound + Soundbath workshop on Friday, November 18th (with livestream + replay options for those not able to attend live). 

This will be a fun and restorative practice that includes gentle movement, singing practices, and relaxation.

We'll begin with a Vocal Vinyasa Flow practice, which includes a unique, proprietary sequence of breathing, yoga postures, and toned vocal techniques intended to awaken specific aspects of the voice as they correspond to the 7 major chakras.

I'll guide the practice as you bring greater awareness to your body and mind through breath, sound and movement. Posture modifications will be offered as needed.

You will come away feeling grounded, empowered in your voice, and connected to your inner resonance! You'll also have vocal tools to add to your singing practice.


All levels are welcome - whether you're a seasoned vocalist or a brand-new beginner looking to explore your voice, there will be something new to discover during this experience.

The soundbath for the second half of the workshop is a perfect way to rest, integrate, and receive deep vibrational healing from the crystal bowls and instruments. 



Online participants will be able to access a recording worldwide for 72 hours also.

Early Bird £20 applies until October 31st.

108 Sun Salute Challenge

21st December 10am-12pm (£12)

Fancy a challenge?

For the Winter Solstice, we are practising 108 Sun Salutes, our last workshop of the year, clearing out the old ready to begin the new. Why not join Caroline and complete this challenge cleaning mind and body ready for Christmas!

Chocolate Workshop and Meditation

7.15pm January 13th 

Book Early


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