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We like to vary it up a little, so this is where our workshops come in. Come discover Yin Yoga, Tequila Raves, Yoga and Art days, Law of Attraction, Songwriting, Soundbaths and if you don't see any of these up as they vary all the time, let us know you want one and we will aim to please!

Zen Meditation

pilates course

Enjoy a total reset with relaxing two hour meditation.

mindful course
stretch & strength
half day
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Join us for a fabulous 120 minute meditation  yoga practise including asanas designed to detox and realign the nervous system, just right for the weekend and for 2023!

April 15th 2-4pm (Saturday)

(Early Bird £20 applies until February 4th)

Full Price £25

community vinyasa
New Moon
Family Acro

New MOON Workshop

Friday 19th May 10-12pm

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Welcoming in the New Black Moon with Mantra, Gong bath & solfeggio frequency sounds. Join us on this change in energy shift. 

(Early Bird £20)

Full Price £25

Kundalini Yoga

Friday 5th May 6-8pm


 Welcome in the Aquarian Age, join us for specific movements to open up the body to release anxiety, restore the body to full charge. 

(Early Bird £20 applies until May 2nd)

Full Price £25

Yin Yoga

Friday 15th March 7pm

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Two hours of deep yin decompression. Yin is the ultimate Go Slow Yoga, suitable for all levels.

(Early Bird £20 applies until March 9th)

Full Price £25