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Aerial Yoga


Dates and Times: 

4th May 2017




Teacher: Sophie Bickerdike 

Location: Go Yoga Hornbeam Park

Price: £40


 Making your body agile and strengthening your core muscles, hip girdle and shoulder sockets. USP: The inversion sequences enables you to stretch and strengthen the body, without overstressing the joints or compressing the vertebrae. It is ideal for people suffering from back issues because the hammock acts as a support system. When you’re upside down, the spine elongates, creating a space between each vertebrae. Anti-gravity yoga positions also cause a rush of blood and nutrients to the head. This is good news for the thyroid and pituitary gland, as they regulate metabolism and boost hormone function. This workout improves blood circulation and helps flatten your tummy. Calorie meter: Burns up to 650 calories in one hour. You’ll need: A trusted instructor—this workout is best done under supervision at goyoga or in a group class!! Caution! It is not for the faint-hearted, people afraid of heights, pregnant women or those recovering from a recent surgery. Avoid it if you suffer from abnormal blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, glaucoma and vertigo... read our testimonials!