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Therapy Rooms

Therapies Offered

Our Wellness area houses two therapy rooms, one hosting Harrogate Beauty Hiive and the other HIIVE Holistic, offering Bio-Energetic Holistic Therapy.

Bio-Energetic Testing - Asyra

Bio energetic testing with the Sophie

A session with the Sophie and the Qest4 allows you to evaluate your body's balance and frequency. We measure the whole body and can assess which areas are out of balance.
Sessions or Mondays and Tuesdays between 9 and 2.
Many people can benefit greatly from the insight obtained through bioenergetic testing. We measure the energy vibrating through the body and can use it to analyse where the body is out of balance.

Here's a few client evaluations from the sessions.


Autism and the Qest

“We have a 17 year old child who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4. Following the sessions we now have a social teen who, expresses his feelings, and sleeps more than two hours a night which he hadn’t done for 16 years.”

-Jeffery S.

Animals and the Qest

Animals can be treated by the Qest, we use pictures, saliva or hair samples and can run tests from the results. often animal responses are much quicker than humans.

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