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Children's Yoga

Teacher Training




Our course is split into 2 modules to give you the option of teaching children in either Primary, Secondary or both. Module 1 covers ages 3-11yrs and Module 2 covers ages 11-18yrs. On completion of a module you will have the skills, knowledge and resources to teach children's yoga for that age group.  Our teaching is grounded with practical advice for helping children connect to themselves in todays world. 



'Fostering curious minds and healthy happy hearts'
Ideal for:-
  • Primary and Secondary Teachers
  • People who have practised yoga for over 1 year
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Those wanting to bring yoga into school
  • Fostering wellness in young minds









Course Content​
  • The work Carole Dweck and new thinkers
  • Mindset and Yoga
  • Class plans for all age groups 
  • Ideas and games to teach mindfulness
  • Yoga and kids philosophy
  • Comprehensive guidance in asanas
  • Child development and physiology
  • Yoga in Education
  • Online Access to Teacher Lesson Plans



2022 Course Dates to be announced for July 2022
Module 1:- Go Kids Yoga - 40 Hours
Online Intro Work Prior to Class
For Yoga Alliance Professionals Accreditation you will also be asked to attend
5 x 2 hour weekly zoom calls and submit
12 hours of teaching practise to our training portal.
28 Contact Hours
12 Hours Minimum Study
Module 2:- Go Kids Yoga - 40 Hours
Online Intro Work Prior to Class
One Live Course Day 20th January 2022 9.30-3.30pm
For Yoga Alliance Professionals Accreditation you will also be asked to attend
5 x 2 hour weekly zoom calls and submit
12 hours of teaching practise to our training portal
28 Contact Hours
12 Hours Minimum Study
For certification please submit and complete your practicals.
Both Modules allows schools to be entered in
GoYoga Wellness Awards
Silver &
We also offer numerous follow up Wellness Top Ups in:-
Family Wellness
Yoga Games
Group Work
Philosophy for Children



A New Course with

Sophie Bickerdike

Meet the Course Teachers


Sophie Bickerdike is Founder and teacher of Go Yoga, and has been teaching yoga for over 13 years.  She is Principal of Go Yoga Training School,  a Senior Yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and a Yoga Elder with the IYN. 

Sophie also brings her experience as a qualified Secondary School teacher and actress  into  the Children's Yoga training course. 



Helen Lehan is a qualified Primary School teacher and Children's yoga instructor. She has a passion for teaching creative, fun classes which foster a health happy child, through the discovery of their own individuality and resilience. Helen is also a Philosophy for Children practioner and works in partnership with schools training teachers. 

"I trained to be a children’s yoga instructor with Helen and Sophie a year ago and I am so happy that I did. In all honesty, the day of the first training I was in a bit of a rut feeling frustrated that although I went into teaching to really make a difference, I didn’t feel I was. I felt stressed out and frustrated that the children in my care, mainly with special educational needs were like fishes being made to climb trees. (Don’t know the quote but its spot on)

I literally got goosebumps when I saw the course advertised in my twitter feed and knew I was meant to do it. I am an absolute fidget and I am an adult so I can understand children’s desire to move and express, children who might benefit kept popping into my mind. On the actual day, however, my childcare fell through and I felt I needed to cancel but Sophie was so accommodating and I ended up bringing my two children. I can honestly say these two ladies are all about making people feel good and creating beautiful experiences for children."

Emily W. Leeds

Last Word

Mummy: how does yoga with Helen make you feel?
Oliver: Happy! (I wish I could convey the excitement with which this was said) 
Mummy: what do you enjoy most about our yoga classes?
Oliver: It makes me feel happy to find animals.

It has been such a pleasure to join Helen’s class. I love how she balances the calmness and education of yoga with excitement and surprise.   It warms my heart to hear that there is now a host of teachers preparing to filter this out to schools.

Hannah x

"An amazing, warm and inspiring environment where people from different backgrounds are encouraged to embrace their inner teacher and spread their love and kindness in young people. The teachers are offering an empowering tool for all. Highly recommend the course, it is professional but fun as well."
Sophia E
Yoga Teacher and Retreat Owner, Greece.


"Starting Children on a journey of health and happiness for life"
Lisa - Primary School, Harrogate.
"Thanks so much for the additional info. I have really enjoyed the sessions. You and Sophie have been fabulous and you both made me feel so comfortable from the moment I walked in. Thank you both so much for running such an excellent and positive course. I’m looking forward to putting everything I’ve learned into practice."
Helen - Primary School, Middlesborough

"Over 5,000 children are now

practising yoga in schools

following Helen and Sophie's  

teacher training,

become one of the tribe."