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Go Hot Yoga Classes

Our hot yoga classes are like no other.


Go Hot Yoga

This modern approach to yoga is in a room that is heated by infra-red to allow the body to safely open and release, whilst essential oils permeate the air during each class. The heat allows you to warm up quickly, relaxing your muscles so you can move deeper into postures and become more flexible. It also has detoxifying properties, which boost metabolism, reduce cellulite, aid pain relief, improve immune function, improves skin complexion and helps with arthritis.

Go Flow

Go Flow is a Vinyasa Flow class....Vinyasa means: ’the linking of body movement with breath’. Expect to move and flow in this class. Postures include hip openers, deep twists, upper body strengtheners, bum and ab toners - this fully rounded workout works 100% of the body. This class is designed to develop a sense of enjoyment and freedom and to allow one’s breath and energy to fuel the practise. This is a user-friendly, challenging general level class.  

Key benefits: Upper body, strength, toned bum and abs, fluidity, deep expression of the self. 

Core, upper body, strength and alignment. Discipline, power, focus and fun.


Go Yoga Classes

These classes are practised at room temperature.


Go Beginner’s Yoga  ( & Improvers)

This class is for those who would like a basic introduction to yoga. Together we will discover simple postures (asanas), mindful breathing, flow sequences, correct alignment and the fundamentals of yoga. There will be time for modifications to help adapt to your needs in smaller class sizes. 

Key benefits: Learn to practice safely and mindfully.

Suitable for: Newcomers, injured or those who consider themselves not quite ready for hot yoga.


Go Hatha Yoga

This is fun-packed yoga class, which is both motivating and relaxing. Floor-based, allowing us to drop any desire to “perform” and to connect deeply with body and breath. Designed to realign postural issues and release stress, the slower pace allows time to work with injuries, learn correct alignment and work on flexibility. 

Key benefits: Deep hip opening, leg stretching, learning alignment, and developing flexibility.

Suitable for: All levels

Go Kundalini Yoga (Pop Up Saturdays)

An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and chanting, allowing you to enjoy the awakening of your mind and body. The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. Kundalini Yoga is a beautiful way to practise yoga. 

Key Benefits: Balancing of chakra's, relaxation of mind, discipline, power and focus

Suitable for: All levels

Go Ashtanga (Pop Up Saturdays)

Particular ashtanga sequence initially the primary designed and created by Pattabhi Jois the full sequence takes 2 hours to practise.

We often offer pop up Mysore Yoga practised at 6am. All our trainees learn this discipline.

Key Benefits: Core, upper body, strength and alignment. Discipline, power, focus and fun.

Suitable for : Advanced


Go Recharge

Exactly what it says on the tin, a rest, a de-stress!  You will feel like you've had a really good battery re-charge. 

A calm and serene environment will be created so that we can gently relax  to develop a feeling of deep connection and balance within yourself. We will work with the breath and within each posture we will seek to tune in to our own unique practice encouraging the body to let go of any tension or stress that it may be holding. Come join us in this Recharge yoga session and find a deep sense of connection and ease.

Key benefits: Relaxation, de-stress, flexibility, re-balance

Suitable for: All levels

Go Slow Flow

Sometimes a little calmness is all we need to rebalance our hectic lives.  In Go Calm the Flow down a slower alignment centred class will still link the breath to the movement and poses to stretch your body while calming and restoring. Each class will include centring and a deep relaxation to seal in all the benefits. You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Suitable for:  All abilities, ages, Pregnancy

Go Meditate and Movement

Time to unwind, relax and discover the amazing benefits of meditation. 

Key Benefits: Relaxation, focus, de-stressing

Suitable for: All levels

Go Yin

Deep stretch class with only a few postures, this is a slow class but requires concentration and deep focus.

Key Benefits: Relaxation, Ease of Movement, Anxiety Release

Suitable for : All levels


Children's classes

Go Parent and Pre-School Yoga

Enjoy yoga together with your little one. This relaxed fun class uses yoga to help you connect together with the help of games, music and relaxation. Bookable as a 4 week course.

Go Kids Yoga

Suitable for Primary school age children, this fun class introduces children to yoga through games, postures and breath work, helping them to relax and focus.  Bookable as a 4 week course from September 2023.

Go Teen Yoga

For Secondary school age children, this class teaches your child the fundamentals of yoga in a safe, fun, relaxed environment. They will learn how to relax, centre and get to where they want to be, switching off from the hectic world around them. Bookable as a 4 week course.

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