Go Yoga Teacher Training

We are now accepting applications for our 2022 Course. This is in 5 modules, Module one is in end Feb/March and Modules 2-5 span September and October. The hours are 9-4pm Monday to Friday and we include a lot of variety in this course. We offer Module 1 initially in March to give you time to digest, to read and to practise. We include the opportunity to attend GoYoga classes at a huge discount during the course also, as part of your experiential growth. We are registered with both the Independent Yoga Network and Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our course.

Course Outline


Module 1 March

Module 2, 3, 4 Sep/Oct

Module 5 - (voluntary) Oct

(Applications now for 2022)





5 Learning Modules

Module 1



Module 2


and Meditation

Module 3

Yin, Dance and Choreography, Mixed Media

Module 4 & 5


Anatomy and Sports Yoga

The Business of Yoga


On this training you will be challenged, inspired, transformed and you will be teaching before you know it!


Foundational Level Learning...


  • deepen your practise

  • discover the joy of yoga and inner calm

  • find yourself sharing your journey with others

  • opportunities to teach initially for free for goyoga

  • many students become regular class teachers after training.

  • find a community of experienced teachers and fellow trainees



Course Content


Vinyasa Flow

Using a blend of traditional postures, we will uncover our natural vinyasa flow and practise. Vinyasa Flow can be a fast or slow practise moving energy through the body and preparing the self for meditation.



From Pattabhi Jois, we have learned so much. Using the Ashtanga background, all students are encouraged to develop daily self-practise, in this way, they are able to find the discipline to tap into all the Yamas (disciplines) brought to us by Patanjali. We also develop Vinyasa Flow and more gentle disciplines from this journey.


Inspired by one of our Cunningham trained dance teachers we offer choreography sessions and work from some of inspirational graduates.


Simple Sequencing

Looking at flow, sequence and structure. Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Mantra are all covered.


Yoga Philosophy

Discover your own personal practice and how to relate that to your students and the world outside of the mat.

We will read the Upanishads, the Sutras & the Bhaghvad Gita and many other texts; we will be journalling and looking at classic and new and upcoming yoga books and styles. We have guest teachers and primarily aim to help you to find your own yoga.



Channelling Kundalini energy. Kundalini is a fast track way to create amazing results in your life, body and mind. We combine this practise with the physical of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow to give you a thorough overview of different elements of yoga and it's amazing outcomes..

In Level we look at the Chakras.


Presenting and Yoga Skills

As a former actress on many TV programmes, there are lots of tips and tricks you can learn on this course.


Introductory Days in Sports, Yin and Aerial

You will get the opportunity to diversify your yoga experience with specialist workshops in Aerial Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga for Sport, as well as working with Yoga Sports Science Coaches.


Course places are limited:- please email Sophie for further info and enrollment requirements.


Here's what one of our students says:-


"In life we are inspired by others, those with a real character and spirit, those which touch us or leave us yearning for more.  This is how I felt when I came to practice at Go Yoga with my teacher Sophie Bickerdike.    When I signed up to do the teacher training course I had no idea what to expect, my love of yoga and how it had changed my life was real and a passion to delve deeper and share that with others was key but the uncertainty of what I was about to take on made me excited and nervous at the same time."

"This is a life changing teacher training course.    Not only do you immerse yourself into a challenging path of daily asana and posture practice, studying the physical side of anatomy and breath that you would expect, delving into the Sanskrit and Yoga philiosophy has been something truly life changing for me, something you have to study, question, doubt, embody and live.

The support of the teachers is quite amazing and the spirit and community feel you share with your peers is overwhelming, you really are nurtured all the way.

As Yogi Bhajan says “for me yoga is not a workout, its all about working on oneself”.

Come and join in the fun and be truly inspired yourself.     Namaste."

Full Course Fee: £2500 (Early Bird £2250)

Full Refund Given if Covid Lockdown assumed or transfer to next available date.

What's included:-

Live training over five weeks from 9.30-3.00pm

Go Yoga -  The total cost of the Go Yoga  teacher training programme is £2500. Given the Covid Situation, this is fully refundable for course unable to attend due to Covid.

NB.These course fees do not include insurance or memberships.