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Boost Wellness

Sophie has been featured in both National Newspapers and Blogs and on Television.... here is a little snippet of those glimpses of wellness. She continues to write, blog and practises a small class on Wednesdays whilst running her studio and creating wellness music, courses and events.

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Career Switch

As an actress, life managed to be full of excitement but yoga became my new additional calling...


Wellness Writing

As a writer of scripts and plays my wellness writing entered the blogosphere...

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Life moved in many circles..

My psychic story moved into many publications...


Yoga met acting on the BBC

I got lucky when I managed to combine both acting and yoga in one.... and I played a yoga teacher in Moving on on the BBC Production opposite Hayley Mills and Peter Egan... two passions in one. This was just a pop in but to be able to remember lines opposite such stellar talent was a unique experience and one I won't forget.


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