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Ten minutes with Jo MacArthur

You will instantly fall in love with Jo's yoga sessions

This morning, we caught up with one of our lovely Go Yoga Harrogate teachers, Jo MacArthur, to find out more about her yoga journey and her feel-good style of teaching.

When did you train to be a yoga instructor?

I began the two-year Go Yoga teacher training course in January 2014, having had my own daily yoga practice both at home and the Go Yoga studio for three years prior to that.

What inspired you to do the training?

My primary motivation in gaining a teaching qualification was to enable me to integrate elements of yoga into my life coaching business. Once I began the training I was also encouraged to begin teaching and from this experience I eventually realised how much I loved teaching and being part of Go Yoga.

What is the best part about teaching? 

Certainly the best part of teaching is the sense of connection one gets. Both to others and with oneself. Each practice is unique, a reflection of our inner-world and of our experience that day, week or moment.

What is your signature teaching style?

My aim is to offer clients the space to practice in a way that makes them feel good and respects how they feel at that moment in time. The choices are endless. Perhaps it's to rise to the physical challenge of that day's practice or to practice a deep self-care and pick parts of the practice which work for them in that moment. All levels and abilities are warmly welcomed to join in, simply remember to drop off any self-judgment at the door on your way in and enjoy your practice however you want it to look.

We’ve heard you enjoy a great playlist during your class...tell us more?

Music has always been a big part of my life. It’s important to me that the playlist reflects the mood, energy and connects the group to that day's practice. Hopefully we all depart feeling uplifted and deeply connected.

Do you have a favourite yoga pose?

Hmm a favourite yoga would have to be Mountain. The sense of rooting oneself through the feet to the earth, consciously engaging a deep, and even yogi breath. In Mountain pose I always find it encourages the sense of feeling strong and stable. At the beginning of practice, just finding stillness even for a few breaths in this pose encourages you to notice how you feel in exactly that moment. It stops the internal chatterbox and keeps you in the moment.

Outside of the studio, what is your favourite pastime?

Outside of the studio, I connect with my family and friends and I love to read. I like change and so enjoy moving furniture around my house and love titivating my home. I play with my dogs (basically throw a tennis ball 400 times!), exercise (walking, variations of Yogabody training), F45 sessions (although not the jumpy sessions as my knees are too old!) music (making playlists and playing Sax).

What would be your advice to people who have never tried yoga before? 

For anyone that hasn’t tried yoga before I’d say don’t overthink it. We are very welcoming and inclusive here at Go Yoga. Just come along, tell us you’ve never done it before and I guarantee we’ll look after you and you’ll have a great time. Everyone of us has stood in your shoes at some point. No judgment.

What times do you teach at Go Yoga Harrogate? 

Currently you can find me at the Hornbeam Go Yoga studio on Tuesdays at 5.30pm and 6.30pm, Wednesdays at 6.15pm and Thursdays at 6.15pm and 7.15pm. Also on a Saturday morning at 10am, I teach a glow class at the Go Rev studio.


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