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Why is hot yoga so good for you?

Our hot yoga classes were always the most popular classes pre-lockdown. Unfortunately, we had to put them on hold until the restrictions eased, but now they are back on the schedule!

Our unique Infrared studio heaters create an environment that is both inviting and challenging to perform your yoga practice. If you haven’t already discovered the benefits of hot yoga for yourself, then here they are…prepare to get steamy!

It’s easier for your muscles to stretch

It takes us a while to warm up in yoga, however, practicing in a warm room will make it much easier for your muscles to stretch sooner. The instant temperate will allow you to increase your range of motion and stretch deeper into each pose than you normally might.

It’s a calorie burner

Yoga is a challenge as we all know. However, the heat in a hot yoga studio and the sweat you will create during your class will increase your energy output significantly.

The heat will make your heart pump much faster because it needs to push more blood toward the skin in an effort to keep you cool. And more heart-pumping means a cardio workout that will result in a high-calorie burn and fat loss ratio.

It helps with stress and breathing

We know that any type of yoga can help with stress relief. However, yoga in the heat will help you to focus more inwardly and in particular on your breath. This deeper breathing is the ultimate key to feeling less stressed and more relaxed.

It increased your lung capacity

You might think trying to breathe in a hot room will be harder, and you’re not completely wrong. However, the breathing style you adopt during a hot yoga session can actually help train your lungs to retain more air. The deeper breaths you will make will force your lungs to expand more than usual, allowing more oxygen to enter the bloodstream and get to your other vital organs.

Anything you should know before your hot yoga class?

Hot yoga is a perfectly safe form of yoga and a very popular one at that. Make sure you keep hydrated pre-class and during class to avoid overheating and dehydrating and also leave a couple of hours after eating too to avoid any feeling of nausea.

During your class, pay attention to your body - if you do feel too hot or dizzy at any point, just take a rest on your mat. Chat to your yoga teacher or drop us a line if you have any more questions about attending one of our hot yoga classes.

Our current hot yoga classes are:

Monday 7.40pm- Go Glow Yoga with Michelle (Gentle heat)

Tuesdays 8.10pm – Go Hot Vinyasa Flow with Sam (Fast moving heat)

We hope to see you in class soon!


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