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Who needs alcohol to have a good time?

Well, we don't for sure!

Although many of us enjoy a nice glass of fizz at Christmas or a cup of mulled wine, the effects that alcohol can have on our mental and physical health can be enough to put anyone off for good. And, we can have just as much fun without - perhaps even more?

So, don't feel pressured this party season - it's okay to say no and you don't have to make excuses to friends and family either - it's your body and your life after all.

Here we have listed a few reasons why you don't need to drink alcohol at all this Christmas...

The alternatives are great!

From botanical-flavoured tonic waters to herb-unfused mocktails - you no longer have to settle for a Diet Coke or a flat lemonade from the pump. Most beer companies now produce their own alcohol-free alternatives - many of which taste just the same as the originals, so there is no need to suffer from that day-after lull. Plus, with a choice of alcohol spirits such as Seedlip and Clean Liquor now available in most bars - taking the places of gin and vodka - you can reap all the taste sensations without the headache.

You will have more energy for longer

Want to be the last many standing on the dancefloor? Well, ditch the house white for a fresh pear juice! Alcohol has a sedative effect (as well as a libido reducing effect!), so those who have been drinking for a few hours may well be slumping on their chair by 10.30 pm, while the non-drinkers will be dancing to Maria until the wee early hours!

You won't embarrass yourself

Ever had that morning-after-work-party anxiety? Not knowing what you said to who or whose bottom you might have accidentally groped mid-way through the YMCA? Although there are lots of laughs to be had on a night out or staff party, it's so empowering to have a great night when you feel totally in control of your actions and wake up completely panic-free. Plus, the bonus is that you get to tease all of your colleagues who fell over on the dancefloor and left their phone in the taxi home!

Your health won't suffer

Hangovers are nasty pieces of work. Although the intensity will vary from person to person, the usual symptoms include a headache, feeling sick, dizziness and extreme tiredness. Dehydration is one of the main causes of your hangover symptoms - because of the ethanol in the alcohol, which is, in fact, a toxic chemical!

As well as the physical symptoms, a hangover can also trigger 'hang-xiety' - when your mental health suffers through feelings of anxiety, guilt and even depression. All those nasty chemicals in each drink cause a unbalance in your brain, leaving you feeling low, lethargic and agitated.

So, what will you be drinking?

The best thing to remember is that only you are in control of what you drink. Whether you choose to have a little tipple or stay sober this Christmas - we hope you have a super time and look forward to seeing you again in the New Year!!!