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Unlock the Power of these Calming Affirmations.... Time for Calm.... Listen to our Useful Tool to Make Big Changes in Your Life:)))

Remember whatever you are going through today, you can always change, you can always choose to change this very moment.

I have found mantra and affirmations a very useful tool in times of stress and worry, in particular when I didn't feel like I had a new direction with our studio as we began to make changes from a large Hornbeam space to a small and joyous simple space in the middle of time.

Martin, Alex, Meryem and I have so many affirmations as do many of our other friends and teachers around us. I have found some simple affirmations very very useful and am now sharing them here in our Go Yoga Studio too.

Our consciousness affirmations have proved really useful and great to listen to around the world and we hope that in studio you would find them useful too, if you'd like to add any more affirmations in the comments we would love to share them too!!

So here is our Affirmation Channel, voiced by Sophie Bickerdike Yoga and we hope you enjoy them here...

My life is a stream of pure energy

Every day brings new opportunities

I focus on what works for me every day

I shed what doesn't work and focus on my own growth

I am happy to be living moment by moment

Each moment brings joy

There is joy in every new moment, I only need to look

When I exhale the past I can breathe in the future

My life is a constant set of joyful connections.

Write down these affirmations repeat them and help your mind and spirit grow into a wonderful calm state.



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