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How to set yourself up for a great day

We all know those days – the ones that start with you banging your hip on the corner of the bed, followed by you spilling the porridge oats, trapping your handbag strap in the car door and then arriving into the work car-park moments before a torrential down-pour commences.

Yes, we’ve all had bad days that seem to get worse with every hour. But what if we told you that there are some small tips you can try that might help you get off to a better start? Plus, even better, these are all things that you can do from the comfort of your own bed!

Give them a go for one week and see if your mornings are a little easier to wake up to…


If there’s one thing you should do each and every day as soon as you wake up – it’s smile.

A simple 30-second upward turn of the lips each morning has the power to transform your day from the first few moments you wake up. As you smile, be thankful for everything you have – a precious human life, a bed to sleep in, family members thinking of you, a roof over your head and a new day ahead full of opportunity.

Take a breath

Now you’ve raised a smile, take your attention to your breath.

You can adapt your breath to however you are feeling that morning. So, if you are still feeling tired then practice breathe of fire to generate some energy; if you are feeling hot then practice a cooling breath technique like breathing in through shut teeth and exhaling through pursed lips; If you are seeking calm ahead of a busy day, then try some slow belly breaths, counting each inhale and exhale to the count of five.

Set an intention for the day

Each day throws different challenges our way, so do your best to prepare yourself for whatever is coming with a positive intention to last the whole day.

Whether it’s to ‘let go’, ‘keep smiling’, ‘be in the moment’ or ‘be kind to yourself’, write it down or just keep it in your mind and try to repeat it at least 3 times during the day – either out loud or in your head. If things get tricky or someone says something which rustles your feathers the wrong way, close your eyes, and repeat until you start to calm down.

Don’t jump straight onto your phone

Are you in a nasty habit of waking up and instantly reaching for your phone before your eyes are even fully opened? If so, now’s the time to stop!

Whether you are checking the latest social feed, the weather forecast, what’s happening on the news or if anyone has emailed you from the office since the night before, then it can wait. Try to leave at least 15-20 minutes from waking up until you look into any kind of digital device – after all, chances are you will be looking at one many times throughout the rest of your day. Give your eyes a break and your mind a rest for as long as possible at the beginning of the day.

It might take a week or so to get into these positive habits, but once you do so and start to notice the difference to your mood, these little rituals will become an essential part of your mornings forever.

Let us know how you get on – drop us an email or leave us a message on Instagram @goyogaharrogate x