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My hot yoga class: Sophie Jackson

On Monday night we invited fitness guru and influencer, Sophie Jackson aka @sophiiegrace to try out a Hot Yoga class. This was Sophie's first ever time at Go Yoga Harrogate, so we were thrilled to welcome her and caught up with her after the sesh to see how she had got on.........

Hey Sophie, how are you feeling right now? 

Hey Caroline, I feel great! Extremely sweaty but my body feels so full of energy and life now.

How does this compare to how you were feeling before you did the class?

Before the class my mind was everywhere and because I weight train, my body was very stiff, so this has definitely not only helped stretch me out completely, but it's helped clear my mind and make me feel grounded again.

What was your favourite part? 

My favourite part was the sun salutations. The fact we were encouraged to do this at our own pace with our own breath really helped me get into the flow of it a lot more than if we were just following the instructors breath.

What did you find the most challenging? 

Definitely the balances. It's been a while since I practised these but it felt so good to give them a go again, so much so that I'm going to make a conscious effort to practise them daily.

If you were to describe the class in 3 words, what would they be? 

Hot, invigorating and empowering

Do you have any advice for anyone who is thinking about booking onto this class? 

Just go for it, don't um and ah about getting yourself there!

There are so many benefits to yoga, especially hot yoga. If you're wanting to give your mind, body and soul a bit of a boost, then this class is for you.

Do you think you will try it again? 

Absolutely! I'm already planning out my classes for next week!

Have you booked your classes for next week yet???

Namaste xx


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