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Meet our clients: Danny Tennant

Fresh out of Monday night's hot yoga class, we grabbed our man Danny for a quick chat about all things yoga...

Hey Danny, how are you feeling today?

I was having a stressful day today, however right now I’m feeling very zen. I just finished Mandy’s hot yoga class, which was amazing as per usual. It’s become my Monday ritual.

When did your Go Yoga love affair begin?

I first started maybe 4 years ago. I was competing in Thai boxing and a lot of the fighters were all told that yoga was good for keeping supple. I tried it and loved it.

Had you done any yoga before that?

No, I was a complete newbie. It was never something I thought I would get into so much.

What are the main benefits you personally feel you get out of yoga?

I love how it makes me feel. Today was a perfect example of how a stressful, hard day can be transformed into a peaceful, happy evening. It helps me switch off from my work and anxieties.

What do you like about Go Yoga compared to other fitness studios?

I think that Go Yoga has the best instructors. Mandy and Jo are absolutely amazing and so helpful in guiding you with your practice. I’m a big fan. Also, the studio is really clean and has a great ambience, plus all the people are lovely.

What has been your favourite Go Yoga moment so far?

My best moment was when I finally mastered the headstand, or at least a version of it!

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking about starting yoga?

I would just throw all ego and self-conscious/doubt to the wind and try it, you won’t regret it!

Describe Go Yoga in three words

Sweaty. Stretchy. Fun


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