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Is it time for a little spring clean?

Spring is coming…we can almost feel it!

The pink blossom, the baby ducklings and the sprouting daffodils; all signs of new life and great things to come. But with the introduction of the new, we must say goodbye to the old.

Around this time, many of us decide to spring clean our home, clearing out the clutter and making our annual trip to the flea market or car boot sale to get rid of our unwanted wares. Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home though. You can also clear out mental clutter, bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle choices too. Here we look at how…

Worry less, smile more

Easier said than done we hear you say. Worrying is part of natural life and is a sign of empathy and sensitivity. It’s impossible to go through life and not worry about certain things and that’s fine.

Some of us, however, worry more than most and might even have the tendency to catastrophise things that don’t really deserve our energy. Therefore, when you feel yourself spiralling into a state of worry, take a step back, look at the problem and assess whether it really is a problem in the grand scheme of things. What’s the worst that can really happen?

Forget old grudges

Nothing rarely causes more stress in life than prolonged arguments and tension with others around us. This spring make it your mission to be the bigger person and forgive.

Whether you write a letter, send an email or pick up the phone, it’s time to make amends with that family member, friend or colleague and clear the air for a fresh start.

It might not mean you will bounce back to be best friends again, but you will be surprised just how cleansed your soul will feel when it’s done.

Leave your work at work

We are all guilty of checking our work emails, texting colleagues for an update and logging into the odd Skype call while at home or on holiday, but is it all really worthwhile? A lot of the time, working while not at work causes stress or frustration to those around us, who we are supposed to be spending time with. After all, sending an email when you are at the pub with friends or creating a report while spending time with your partner on the beach is just downright rude in their eyes (and ours)!

Next time you think about responding to that annoying email from Ed in Accounts about a missing invoice, think again. We guarantee that no-one in your office will give you extra Brownie points for putting in the extra hours while out of the office. Plus, if you’ve had a few glasses of rosé before you write the email, you might live to regret it in the morning!

Ditch the “diet”

Starting with your vocabulary, let’s ditch the word diet altogether. It has negative connotations of a short-term fix and is not a good word to use around children and young people, who pick up bad habits from an early age.

Instead of adopting fad diet techniques, try adopting long-term lifestyle changes such as regular fitness sessions, weekly hot yoga classes and a new relationship with the food you eat. Expand your palate, try new recipes, cut the processed foods out and see how you feel.

Get rid of clothes that don’t fit

Getting rid of old clothes that are too small is not only good for your self-esteem, but it also gives you an excuse to go out and treat yourself to something new and sparkly to fill the empty coat hangers. That bodycon dress that you swear you will ‘slim into soon’ is only taking up space in your wardrobe and subconsciously making you feel bad every time it catches your eye.

Giving away old clothes to friends, neighbours or charity is a great way to declare that you accept yourself just as you are and are okay with the fact that times have changed. If you have any items that are particularly nice, take them to a nearly new dress shop or upload them to eBay to make a few pennies in the process!

Happy spring-cleaning guys!