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Spotlight on Alex!

The wonderful Alex Gray has been with Go Yoga throughout the pandemic, pre and post and continues to create wonderful warm yoga classes at Go Yoga. She came to us pre mummy world and we love how her life has got so fabulously busy.

We grabbed Alex for some quick questions!

Alex, what's your favourite yoga?

Definitely depends on the day, my mood and what my body is telling me I need. I like to dabble in vinyasa (for energy), ashtanga (when I need to feel strength), yin (when I need to find focus) and iyengar (to remind myself of control).

Do you believe in fairies?

What’s life without magic?

What's the biggest thing you want to do this year?

Keep rediscovering the beauty of the world through my 2 year olds eyes xxx

Oh what a lovely mama!

If you want to grab Alex for a class or a 1-1, you can find her on Tuesdays at 7.30pm and on Saturdays at 10am....

For all 1-1's you can email the studio or find her in class.



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