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Becoming a yoga teacher: Why not teach what you love?

You might never have previously thought of becoming a yoga teacher, but why not?

If you have practised yoga for a long time and feel all the benefits it offers, then why not further your knowledge so that you can share it with others all around you?

Here at Go Yoga Harrogate, we regularly run intensive Teacher Training programmes – aimed at those looking for a complete career change as well as those who want to teach in tandem with their existing role.

Earlier this week, we caught up with Trudy Morrice and Meryem Han who have both been previous students on the Go Yoga teacher training programme, to find out all about their experiences and to let you in on a few insider secrets…..

What attracted you to do your yoga teacher training with GoYoga?

(Trudy) Nice friendly atmosphere, Sophie is very inspiring.

(Meryem) I was already practising at Go Yoga several times a week and when I decided to be a yoga instructor I thought it was the loyal thing to do considering it was the vibe and energy at Go Yoga that helped heal my soul.

Why did you want to teach?

(Trudy) I love yoga and the sense of community it can bring at the same time as being very private

(Meryem) Yoga healed me many times, it saved me from the darkest days and I wanted to give back to it by spreading it. I wanted to be a part of that community who help people through yoga.

Did you have a complete career change as a result of the course?

(Meryem) No not at all, I was already in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, so I know the importance of mind and body, and yoga being the centre of it.

(Trudy) I still work in HR full-time, but this has given me a whole different perspective.

How would you describe the style of training you went through?

(Trudy) Very informal, fun, creative. You are not told what style to use, you are encouraged to find your own style.

(Meryem) Relaxed atmosphere, easy style of teaching, no pressure involved at all, although at times I did feel overwhelmed with the work involved, I was reassured by Sophie, several times in fact, that I could do this and I certainly did!

What was the split of practical v theory?

(Meryem) I would say it was more practical. I loved the fact that when we did written work, the requests weren’t more than a page. That made life easier. Because this line of work is more practical, it made sense to not produce pages upon pages of written work. It’s very wise of Sophie and I was grateful for that.

How long did it take to complete?

(Meryem) 10 months run over 2 years.

(Trudy) 2 years and lots of practice.

Was there an exam at the end?

(Meryem) Yes. We all had to prepare a sequence and perform it in class. Some of us actually performed it to a live class.

Did you have a day job at the same time as completing the course?

(Trudy) Yes, I had to ‘buy’ extra holiday in order to do the course but it was worth it!

What did you enjoy most?

(Meryem) I loved the 2-week intensive Kundalini towards the end of the course. It was an enlightening one for sure.

(Trudy) Meeting others, finding my style

What did you find most challenging?

(Meryem) Practising every day - as a parent it was hard.

(Trudy) Fitting in the practice, getting started with teaching

Are you actually teaching yoga now?

(Trudy) Yes at Go Yoga, I teach hot vinyasa flow and beginners

(Meryem) I sure am.

Are you glad you did it?

(Trudy) Absolutely

(Meryem) I’m actually beating myself up for not doing it sooner. I'm very glad I've done it now though.

Feel inspired and ready to find out more.....?

The next intensive yoga teacher training course is taking place during summer 2020 - find out all the details and all the benefits of the programme here.


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