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Ten minutes with Helen Lehan

We grabbed ten minutes with Helen in between her busy schedule to find out why she loves teaching children's yoga, what it means to her and what her favourite yoga moments have been so far...

Hi Helen, how are you feeling today?

Happy. I have just taught a children's yoga class. They are so kind to each other, it is heart melting

When was the last lesson you taught?

Ten minutes ago!

Have you been teaching for long?

I have been teaching children's yoga since 2014. I qualified to teach adults last Christmas.

Why did you decide to become a yoga teacher?

Shortly after Sophie opened Go Yoga in Harrogate, we went on a trip to London to The Yoga Show. I looked at the courses on offer and decided to train. I had been teaching yoga as part of PE in school since I qualified as a primary school teacher in 1996.

What does yoga mean to you?

Yoga helps me reset, balance and have a giggle. I feel more like me after yoga.

Can you sum up your teaching style in 3 words?

Playful, laidback, everyone welcome.... that’s more than 3 words sorry!

How do you want your students to feel after a lesson?

I want them to feel refreshed, energised and inspired.

Do you have a favourite yoga pose?


What does your average day look like?

I don't really have one. Every day is different. I am allergic to routine!

What has been your defining yoga moment so far?

I love doing yoga with my mum it is such a privilege. She is in her 80's and still doing yoga every day and attending classes twice a week. She says it's medicinal for her mind and back.

I also got a buzz from teaching family yoga rave at the Deer Shed Festival!

What would be your advice to people who have never tried yoga before?

Try as many different types of yoga/teachers as you can. You will find one at Go Yoga that suits your mood and what you need for your lifestyle.

What times do you teach at Go Yoga Harrogate?

Beginners Wednesday 9.45am

Children's Thursday 4.00pm

Teen Friday 5.30pm

Go Yoga Friday 6.15pm

Find one of Helen's classes on the Go Yoga Harrogate schedule and discover her magic for yourself.

Namaste x


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