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Meet our clients: Kirsty Salmons

Kirsty Salmons in yogi squat
Catching up with our latest Go Yoga newbie

This week we sat down for a chat with Go Yoga client Kirsty Salmons to ask her what attracted her to our studio and how she is getting on with her practice….

When did you first come to Go Yoga?

I first came to Go Yoga only a couple of weeks ago. My first class was with Caroline on a Sunday morning and my second class was with Mandy on a Saturday morning. I was instantly hooked!

Had you done any yoga before that?

Yes, I had tried various yoga classes before, which I liked, but I was really keen to find a studio that offered hot yoga as I had been reading about all its benefits. I was looking for more of a workout combined with a yoga experience.

Why did you decide to introduce yoga into your life?

As an Account Director at a busy media agency, and a mum, I thought yoga would be a great way to relax and relieve stress, as well as keep fit.

For me, it was also a social thing, as I was introduced by one of my friends, who attends Go Yoga regularly.

I am excited to keep practising and improve over time.

Do you do any other forms of exercise too?

I have just started a boxing class too, which is really helping with my arm strength. I am also outdoors a lot with my son and love to go on long walks.

What do you like about Go Yoga in relation to other studios?

The studio is really nice and modern, and it is never cold like some yoga studios I have been to!!

The range of classes and teachers available is great too, as there is always something going on. I loved my first session so much that I bought a five-class-per-month pass, which suits my lifestyle and diary perfectly!

I have also been really impressed by the patience of the teachers – I even tried a headstand for the first-time last week and felt fully supported all along the way!

Describe Go Yoga in three words

Welcoming. fun. friendly


We would love to interview you about your yoga journey, too. If you are interested in being featured, please contact


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