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Do more. Think less: Your two new rules for 2020

Tired of all the pressure to set New Year resolutions, goals and targets? Same here. That’s why we are living this year with just two new rules for the year ahead: Do more. Think less.

The rules are pretty simple really, but to get you into the swing of things, we have listed a few ideas to get you going…

Do more…

…to appreciate nature. Take walks in the park, study flowers, notice the birds, visit the coastline.

…of the things you love doing. Sing loudly, read a magazine, light a candle, take a bath.

…walking. Ditch the car at home and get your marching trainers on.

…face to face communication. Meet for a juice, get the girls together for dinner, knock on a neighbour’s door.

…to help those you love. Make them some cookies, tell them a joke, be there for cuddles.

…to be kind to yourself. Book yourself a yoga class, take a minute to breathe, give yourself a healing head massage.

…to be kind to our planet. Ditch the plastic, turn lights off, eat local produce, car share.

Think less…

…about how to change your life. Don’t succumb to the pressure to be perfect. You’re doing just great.

…about what other people think. You can’t please everyone all the time.

…about social media and what other people are doing. Chances are things aren’t always what they appear to be. Things always look rosy on the grid!

…about past failures. If you focus on your strengths and successes, you are sure to have more chance of success going forward.

…about the small details. Missing the train, dropping your eye shadow, spilling your cappuccino. Shrug your shoulders, take a deep breath and move on with your day.