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Can yoga improve your love life?

Couple practising yoga together
Yes! Yes! Oh Yes!

We all know that when we are working out, eating well and feeling fit, we have more energy and increased self-esteem. This usually goes hand-in-hand with us feeling more attractive to others and ultimately more confident about stripping off in front of our partners!

Although yoga is practised by some as a form of work-out, we all know there are so many other benefits that can be achieved by regular practice. Here we look at how these benefits can translate into improvements for our relationships and our sex lives.

Surely that’s motivation enough to get out of bed early for a few sun salutations?

Feeling sexy

Last week, we wrote about the benefits of yoga for fat burn and weight loss. From the outside yoga might look easy, but nothing strengthens your core, tones your muscles and increases your flexibility like a hot vinyasa flow class.

Thanks to a regular yoga practice, you can feel lighter, fitter, and overall a lot more confident in your own naked body. When you're getting sweaty in the studio, things are sure to get sweatier at home too!

Being in the 'Now'

Sometimes, being present in your relationship is harder than it seems. You might be totally in love with your partner, but distractions including kids, work, mobile phones and finances can get in the way. You might even forget to tell them how much you care about them because you are so caught up in other things. This is not ideal for any relationship.

A massive part of practising yoga is being mindful in each moment, paying attention to various parts of the body and each individual breathe. When you start to live more in the moment and tune in with yourself more regularly, you will find you have more space in your mind to dedicate to your partner and your couple-vibes.

Get Creative with Positioning!

You will never look at Downward-Facing Dog in the same way again!

Jokes aside, the flexibility you gain during regular yoga practice can really increase the options available to you and provide multiple ideas for future sex positions.

Focusing on a couple of simple yoga poses can help to spice things up and impress your lover. Bridge, Cobra and Table-Top are all liberating poses that could be a good starting point. Just make sure you are careful to avoid injury when testing out your newfound skills! The possibilities (and the positions) really are endless.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day – the official day of love - Go Yoga Harrogate is offering Buy One Get One Free on all first-time yoga classes booked in February. Bring your partner along and experience the magic for yourselves!!