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Top 5 reasons to try prenatal yoga

If you’re pregnant and looking for ways to relax and stay fit during your pregnancy, then prenatal yoga is for you. From your physical body to your emotional state, prenatal yoga is a key ingredient to a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Our prenatal courses are 6 weeks long and are designed to support you, no matter what stage of your pregnancy you’re in. But it’s not just the fitness benefits that staying active has during your pregnancy. Here are Go Yoga’s top 5 reasons why you should try prenatal yoga.

1. Supports your changing body

The human body is an awe-inspiring thing. Able to change and adapt – and grow life! But during pregnancy, your body undergoes an accelerated pace of change, and a prenatal yoga practise will support these changes. Offering you a healthy and safe way to stretch your muscles and strengthen your body – and mind.

2. Provides relief from common pregnancy complaints

Prenatal yoga can help relieve common pregnancy discomforts such as lower back pain, nausea, insomnia, headaches, shortness of breath, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Our gentle flows help stretch and tone muscles, as well as encouraging blood to circulate throughout the body.

Each week we spend time working on deep breathing and strengthening the mind-body and breath connection to help bring much-needed oxygen to you and your baby.

3. Make friends with like-minded mamas

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you already have children, this pregnancy will most likely be unlike any you’ve previously had or will have. And while we may not be meeting in the studio, our online prenatal classes are a great way for you to meet other mums who are going through a pandemic pregnancy.

4. Prepares you for birth

Our prenatal yoga classes don’t just help you feel stronger and connected in the moment, they also help prepare you for birth. We give women like you the confidence to trust that your body knows what it’s doing – and it will do everything at the time.

When we’re afraid we tense up, and this fear increases pain; within our classes we work alongside you to connect with yogic methods of deep, mindful breathing which can help the body loosen and relax.

5. Promotes a connection with your baby

Even the act of going to a prenatal yoga class once a week is a gentle reminder that this is your time to bond with your growing baby. As your pregnancy progresses, your body’s different responses to yoga poses will be a reminder of the physical changes occurring in your body. Taking time out of your busy schedule and dedicating just one hour will help deepen your bond to your baby.

Want to find out more about our prenatal courses, or to sign up to our next course starting in April? Get in touch today, we can’t wait to welcome you to your community.