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Mul Mantra

The Mul Mantra on our's so catchy and sung by the wonderful Snatam Kaur. If you chant it for 40 days it can make life-changing movements to your life.

For us, Mul Mantra stands as a foundational gem, weaving together the essence of existence and the path to enlightenment. Originating in the sacred language of Gurmukhi, the Mul Mantra finds its roots in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, with Guru Nanak as its divine author. This mantra serves as the bedrock upon which a profound spiritual journey is built, encapsulating the essence of universal truths.

Here are the words for you:-

Ek Ong Kaar,

Ek Ong Kaar,

Sat Naam,

Karataa Purakh,

Nirbho, Nirvair,

Akaal Moorat, ajooneee, saibhang,

gur prasaad, Jap!

Aad such, jugaad such, Hai bhee such, Nanak Hosee Bhee Such..

The translation of the Mul Mantra reveals layers of cosmic wisdom. It speaks of the One Creator, whose name is Truth, the Doer of everything. It describes a deity that is Fearless, Revengeless, Undying, Unborn, and Self-illuminated—a manifestation of eternal divinity. The mantra encourages meditation and emphasizes the perpetuity of truth, echoing through all ages.

The Siri Guru Granth Sahib is deeply rooted in the concepts of the Mul Mantra, serving as a spiritual guide and a source of profound wisdom. Yogi Bhajan, a prominent spiritual teacher, affirms the transformative power of chanting the Mul Mantra, describing it as a "fate killer" that reshapes destiny towards complete prosperity.

So in essence Mul Mantra can create abundance!

It also includes the phrase Aad guard Nameh, which is a protection mantra, dating back 3000 years, this is an invocation of wisdom throughout the ages, paying homage to true wisdom from the edge of time.

The Mul Mantra, with its profound simplicity and universal truths, serves as a guiding light for those embarking on a spiritual journey. Whether you have chanted before, why not just give it a listen on our playlist and let it imbue you with abundance and protection!