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Meet our clients: Catherine Thompson

Catherine and her yoga jellies!

Attending the majority of our weekly classes and always with a huge smile on her face, Catherine is a real-life Go Yoga superstar!

This week we caught up with her before class to find out a bit more about why she is one of our biggest fans….

Hey Catherine, how are you feeling today?

I feel on top of the world today as always. I am a jolly person and love to see the fun in things. I asked my daughter to describe me and she said kind, bendy and jolly!

Have you visited us at Go Yoga recently?

Yes, I visit most days. I have a lovely husband whose outlook (wisely) is "happy wife, happy life", so I come to classes quite a lot. He has no idea what goes on!

When did your Go Yoga love affair begin?

I first came along a few years ago with a friend who had an aerial yoga class voucher as a gift. How hard can it be, I thought? Let's just say this area of yoga was not my true calling!

Then, about 18 months ago I joined up as a Gold Member, so I can do any classes I want, seven days a week. Perfect! I think I have tried all of the classes on the timetable and, without exception, loved them all.

Had you done any yoga before that?

Yes, I have always tried to keep my joints in good order. We are a very active family, so I used to do a lot of spinning as well (cycling, not rug making), and I balanced it out with a bit of yoga at the local Leisure Centre, once a week.

But, as the Pilates fad took hold, yoga classes were replaced with that, and I looked around to see where I could do more yoga…

Why did you decide to introduce yoga into your life in the first place?

I first gave it a go many years ago when the children (twins) were teenagers. My mind needed a rest from the constant fridge-filling, sock collecting, refereeing, and the general Cinderella duties that my life consisted of. Yoga was the only thing that worked, as you can't think of much else when you are trying to balance on one leg in class.

What are the main benefits you personally feel you get out of yoga?

The main benefits are good posture, good strength and mobile joints. And, having lots of energy. I need all these things, especially now I am a grandma of little boys. Yoga has strengthened my back and core considerably, so when I am required to lift up little Teddy, aged 2, with enthusiasm, it is no problem at all.

What do you like about Go Yoga compared to other fitness studios?

I love the variety of classes, and there are so many each week! I choose Hot Yoga on Saturdays and Sundays, and two slower ones in the week, both magnificently led by Mandy and Jo. I love Martin's Yin workshops, and Helen's fun Friday classes.

I like to do both Pilates and yoga at Go Revolution, when I treat myself occasionally to a few hours' leave from work to attend. There is something for everybody at Go Yoga and the lovely feeling of a warm welcome meets you as soon as you go in the door.

What has been your favourite Go Yoga moment so far?

My favourite moment happens every time a class starts, when I am sitting on my mat at the front. As soon as I am settled and the class is ready to start, a lovely feeling of contentment comes over me, and I am so glad I found Go Yoga.

I do love a prop. In fact, I surround myself with every prop there is, including my very own yoga jellies, which have been much admired and handled!

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking about starting yoga?

Well, I have managed to recruit four of my colleagues to join me. I think this is partly to do with the impromptu yoga demos that happen in the Carers Resource kitchen, and partly to do with my colleagues seeing how energetic I am. We work up in the attic of an old terrace property so sprinting upstairs is part of our day.

I tell anybody who will listen that yoga keeps you fit as a flea, and you will sleep well too. Come along with me and give it a go!

Describe Go Yoga in three words



Blooming' marvellous

Namaste Catherine



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