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Meet our clients: Leah Hester

Leah - upside down!

Leah has been a regular with us at Go Yoga Harrogate for over 18 months and we love welcoming her to every class. She's always smiling and always up for a challenge!

With a busy career and a diary filled with travel, we caught up with her about how and why she tries to fit in as much yoga into her life as she possibly can...

Hey Leah, how are you feeling today?

Well, summer seems to finally be here so I'm on good form! A bit stressed after a lot of travelling this week with work; but I know I’ll feel loads better after a yoga class.

Have you visited us at Go Yoga recently?

I’m a regular at Mandy’s and Jo’s classes and try to get to 2 or 3 classes a week. I’ve missed a few recently and so I’m starting to feel the withdrawal! I really miss the classes

if I can’t get here.

When and how did your Go Yoga love affair begin?

I started about 18 months ago after a friend invited me to try the classes here. It was Mandy’s class and after that I was hooked.

Had you done any yoga before that?

I hadn’t done any classes, but I had tried at home with a DVD. It was a bit tricky doing it and looking at the TV. Plus, it’s so much more fun doing it in a class.

Why did you decide to introduce yoga into your life in the first place?

I’d been interested in giving yoga a try for some time, mainly being drawn to the physical and mindful benefits but also interested in the spiritual side of it too. I’ve pretty much always done some kind of training.

Before yoga, I got into HIIT classes which is all about core strength, but I wanted to try something different. Everyone I know that has practiced yoga has always told me how amazing it has been for them. I also wanted to learn how to do crazy poses and increase my flexibility!

What are the main benefits you personally feel you get out of yoga?

I think the key to that is that if I’m unable to get here, I really miss the class. I benefit from it differently depending on how I’m feeling at the time.

If I feel edgy or stressed, it relaxes me; if I feel emotional, it’s a release; if I feel sluggish, it energises me; If I’m feeling all the good stuff already, it’s a way of saying “thanks”.

What do you like about Go Yoga compared to other fitness studios?

I have only been to one other studio, so it’s difficult to compare. But I think Go Yoga is brilliant because there are so many different classes to suit anyone depending on their practice, style and level.

Everyone is friendly and it’s a really good laugh. I always thought yoga might a bit elitist but everyone’s really nice and down to earth!

What has been your favourite Go Yoga moment so far?

There have been many! Mandy’s arm balance workshop and achieving an 8 angle pose (well, a style of) was brill. Finding yourself being able to achieve something you never thought would be possible goes further than just the yoga class.

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking about starting yoga?

Do it. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you notice “changes” – physically and mentally.

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If you fancy giving yoga a try too, then check out our timetable of classes in Harrogate to find something that suite you.


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