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Creating a comfy environment for your home yoga

We are so pleased that everyone is making the most of adapting their yoga routine at home. Although we can’t all be together in person right now, we are here in spirit and on Zoom!

We have been hearing some of you say that being at home is ‘just not the same’ as being in the studio. That you miss that overwhelming sense of calm you receive when you enter the yoga space at Hornbeam Park. We really miss it too! However, there are lots of things you can do to get the environment in your home just right for your yoga practice. Even if your space is small, you can still create a comfy and cosy area to get the most out of your yoga practice. So, here’s how…

Find a space to de-clutter

It’s no good trying to relax into your Warrior 1, then gazing forward to see a shelf that needs tidying, a pile of papers on the floor and crumbs from last night’s bedtime snack. That’s just going to distract you from your relaxation and stop you from focussing on getting into your flow.

Even if room is limited at your place, try to find a space that you can fit your yoga mat into and that you can keep clear and tidy. Plain walls and high windows are ideal to keep concentration and focus at their peak with minimum distractions in front of you.

Set the mood with lighting

In an ideal world you will be practicing your daytime yoga with natural light flooding in. However, we realise that we do live in the UK and also that this is not always viable!

Therefore, lamps and candles should be placed and adjusted to make the space feel relaxing yet not too dark. The lighting around you will be a huge factor when it comes to how you feel and how much energy you have to give.

Not too cold, not too hot

Even if you do love the hot yoga, you should really wait until you can return to the studio for this! Doing yoga next to a radiator or in a really hot space will just be uncomfortable and irritating.

Instead, choose a cooler spot, but somewhere with no drafts. Your yoga wardrobe might be a little different to what you would wear to the studio. With more layers to strip off as you get warmer throughout your practice.

Gather come cosy props

If you were in the studio, we would arm you with our cosy bolsters, lavender eye masks and blocks to help you adjust into certain postures. However, while you’re at home, this job is yours!

You don’t need to spend lots of money on expensive props and yoga tools. A couple of cushions, a rug and a wheat bag will all help to get you cosy and comfy in your postures during your online yoga lesson.

Create your own playlist

We’ve had mixed reviews about playing music during our Zoom sessions, so from now on, most of them will have no background music. This doesn’t mean that your session has to be in silence at your end. As we always press the mute button for all our students in each session, you are free to play your own music playlists at home.

If you are stuck for playlist ideas or soundtracks that are good for each practice, just drop us a note. Most of our teachers have ready-made playlists created already and will be more than happy to send them your way.

So, you can see. It doesn’t take a whole lot of change to create a lovely environment for your home yoga session. Just a few tweaks here and there and a tiny bit of preparation and you will have your house ‘studio-ready’ in no time!!!

We can’t wait to see you in one of our online yoga sessions soon xxx


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