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A balanced December: How not to over-indulge this Christmas

Group of friends enjoying Christmas
Enjoy yourself without the excess

As we welcome December, we also welcome in a few weeks generally associated with eating mincemeat-filled stodge and consuming drinks that we would never normally consider. Yes people, the festive season does come with tree-shaped sweet treats, calorific cocktails and much lounging around on the sofa watching seasonal rom-coms, but, it doesn’t have to be all this way.

Thankfully, Go Yoga is here to help you keep your balance this December, in more ways than one. With a few handy hints and tips, you can make sure that you enjoy the frivolities without the huge hangovers and January guilt.

Treat yourself, but don’t stuff yourself

We all know that a bit of what we fancy does us good, and it sure does, especially when we are with friends and family at Christmas. However, when you are accepting that third mince pie or fourth mini sausage roll, just think about whether it is really needed. Over-eating can make you feel lethargic and low in mood and can also play havoc with your digestive system if you are not used to eating such a diet. Prioritise the foods you want to eat, savour them slowly and don’t just eat for the sake of it.

Keep up the regime

In between office parties, secret-Santa swops and canapés with the neighbours, there is still going to be time to devote to your usual health and fitness routine. Often at Christmas-time the schedules and timetables at your gym or local yoga studio might be reduced, so you might not be able to get out to a group class. However, with YouTube fitness tutorials and free yoga class apps available at the plenty, there is simply no excuse to slack this December, even when you are house-bound.

Water down

Take some of the strain off of your digestive system whilst out partying by sipping water alongside or between alcoholic drinks. Drinking alcohol and being dehydrated go hand-in-hand, so keeping up your water levels is vital and will also give your kidneys a bit of much needed support as they constantly flush out the increased waste material that enters your body on a night out.

Feel no guilt

This is a time to enjoy yourself, let your hair down and have fun with those you love. The last thing you want to feel is riddled in guilt because of your festive behaviour and equally you don’t want to make others feel guilty either. Avoid using words such as 'guilt’, 'naughty' or ‘indulgent’ as it will instantly put you in a bad frame of mind and spread negative vibes. There's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy the festivities freely, so cut out the negative talk and let go a bit.

It's okay to say no

Even though you are trying to retain your balance at this time, there are always going to be those who are not on the same wave length. “Go on, just one more” is going to be recited many times for sure but try not to feel bad when you turn down that extra sherry or ball of stuffing. Only eat and drink as much as you feel comfortable with, and don't be afraid to politely decline anything you don’t want, on any occasion.

Go Yoga Harrogate will be open for business over the Christmas period, so make sure you check out our online schedule and find a class that fits in with your festive plans.


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