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3 great reasons to practice yoga outside

There’s no doubt that feeling the fresh air and being outside is good for our souls (providing it’s not chucking it down with British rain that is!).

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that there is even further goodness to be gained from taking your yoga practice outside from time to time too.

If you do fancy combining your studio sessions with some time in the great outdoors, then here are some of the glorious benefits you can hope to receive…

1. Salute the sun directly

If Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) are part of your practice, then there is no better way to connect with the sun that practising the flow outside in the open.

Whether you choose to practice at sunrise, during midday or at sunset, you can literally feel the warmth of the glowing sun on your face, shoulders, arms and legs as you salute your offering to the sky’s most sizzling star.

Connect to the life force and energy of the sun as you flow through your practice, syncing every breathe to each movement.

2. Breathe more easily

Connecting with our breath is a vital part of our yoga practice. Therefore, surely it makes sense to try to breathe in the purest and freshest air possible as you carry out your daily yoga ritual?

Depending on where you live or where you might have travelled to, try to find space away from roads or industrial areas in order to get the freshest air possible. Places by the sea or close to trees and woodland areas would be ideal as the fresh air there will be

full of oxygen to keep your immune system strong and your serotonin levels high.

3. Just feel good

Many studies have shown that ‘green exercise’ can benefit us all, and we also know that taking in a healthy dose of vitamin D can also help to decrease the symptoms caused by anxiety and depression.

Combine these facts with all we know about the benefits of yoga for our mind and body, and it makes total sense why we should be finding some time in our busy week to practice some al fresco Downward Dog and some open-air Chair.

Whereas we all love the collective atmosphere of an indoor yoga class with friends and a great teacher, if we combine this with a couple of additional outdoor practices, we could be giving our bodies an even greater boost than we could ever imagine.


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