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10 tips for new yogis

If you’re new to yoga, then your first lesson might seem a little scary! And although that’s perfectly understandable, here at Go Yoga Harrogate we love our newbies and look after them ever so well!

Even if you’re not totally new to yoga but have had a long break since your last session, then you might still need a bit of a refresher. That’s why we’ve put this short guide together; to offer some top tips on getting started on your new and exciting yoga journey.

Find a teacher you love

A great yoga teacher can make all the difference to your introduction to the practice. Your teacher can offer a great deal of insight and guidance as you find your way. They can answer your questions during your class, as well as help you achieve the correct posture for each pose with individual cues and adjustments.

All our Go Yoga teachers are knowledgeable, kind, friendly, and compassionate. We recommend you try out a few different classes with a selection of teachers to find the ones who you gel with the most.

Familiarise yourself with a few poses

Some of the asanas (or poses) might feel a little complicated at first. Therefore, it might be worthwhile watching a couple of videos on YouTube or searching on Google before your very first lesson. This is just for your peace of mind.

Getting familiar with the popular poses, such as Mountain, Child’s Pose, Warrior Poses, and Cat/Cow will stand you in good stead for your first beginner’s yoga class.

Choose a good quality non-slip mat

A good yoga mat allows you to work through your class without the worry of slipping out of the poses.

A non-slip mat also provides padding for your joints, especially your wrists and knees, which is really important. When you are choosing your mat, ensure it has enough stickiness or grip to hold your hands and feet in place.

Good mat hygiene is also important, so be sure to clean your mat regularly to maintain its traction and prevent the spread of germs.

Wear something comfy

We are often asked what kind of outfit is best to wear for yoga, and seriously, the right clothes can really make a difference to your experience.

For women, a supportive bra/top, soft vest or tee, and a good pair of yoga pants are perfect. And for men, a pair of shorts/leggings and a soft vest or tee is great.

Yoga clothing made from breathable materials offers the most comfort because of their moisture-wicking features and will be especially useful for hot yoga sessions.

Be kind to yourself & don't compare

Yoga is a practice for you. Not for anyone else. When you enter our studio, it’s time to throw your ego out of the window.

Particularly at the beginning, you may find it tempting to look at others in your class while thinking ‘I wish I could bend over that far’ or ‘If only I could get my leg that high’. But, recognise that we are all different and it will be difficult to accomplish every pose covered in your class.

There’s no point checking out someone else’s progress for the sake of comparing and judging yourself to them.

Begin where you are right now

Yoga is a transformative journey to lead you towards some type of goal - whether that goal is less stress, better health, or inner peace.

Knowing where you are right now can help you know where to begin and take your first steps towards your goal.

You want to challenge yourself, but equally, you need to be kind to yourself and accept your own range of movement. Also, don’t be afraid to bring and use blocks, straps, towels, or blankets to make the practice easier for your body.

Free yourself of distractions

Schedules, social media, and stress – these are all things we can leave outside when we step into a yoga class.

If you have lots on your mind before your lesson, then write down a to-do list before you enter the studio and turn your phone off.

Let the yoga studio be a safe haven for you. Shift your focus away from worries and instead focus on your breath, body, and intentions while being in this space.

Stay hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout your class, so be sure to bring a drink with you. If you forget, then bottled water can be purchased from either of our studios.

Your teacher might prompt you to take a drink at certain times throughout the class, but feel free to take a drink whenever you need one.

Following your class, keep on drinking your water to replace lost fluids.

Careful what you eat before class

It’s worth being mindful of what you eat before your yoga class. If you’re hungry, then eating a light snack can help you fuel up for your class. A few almonds or a couple of rice cakes half an hour before is about right.

Ideally, try not to eat anything 1-2 hours before class otherwise you’ll feel some discomfort in poses that put pressure on your belly. Especially avoid greasy, spicy, or garlicky foods.

Have fun!

The most important tip for new yogis to remember is to have fun!

Immerse yourself into the practice and don’t be afraid to let go. You never know where it might take you…

We look forward to seeing you in class soon. View our range of classes here.

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