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Become a
Go Pregnancy Yoga Teacher


Come join us on our Go Pregnancy Teacher Training on Fridays over November and December.

Dates are:-

19th 26th november 9.30-11.30

3rd December 9.30-3.30

10th December 9.30-11.30

17th December 9.30-3.30

plus 10 Hours Video Teaching Submission




  • Go Yoga Masterclass

  • Pre-Natal Classes

  • Learn to teach Pre-NATAL

  • Great Foundation to Baby Yoga Training

  • IYN registered

  • GoYOGA Training Certified

  • GO PREGNANCY YOGA teaching area assured

  • Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals

What's included?
16 Hour Instudio, 20 plus hour home practise.
Live Videos, Live Training.

Course Content

  • Comprehensive Teacher Training Manual

  • Multitude of Beautiful Illustrations

  • Pregnancy Anatomy and Physiology

  • Modified Pregnancy Poses

  • How yoga can assist in the birth process?

  • Class Design and Creation

  • Pregnancy Mudras and Chakras

  • Safety and Careful Class Teaching.


  • Living with a Healthy Pregnancy and understanding the body Fundamentals

  • Asana and Pranayama

  • Use of Props

  • Contra-indications

  • Dos and don’ts

  • Mantras, mudras, celestial communication

  • The 5 Vayus

  • Childbirth Overview

  • Visualization

  • The 4th Trimester

  • What moms can do 6 weeks after

  • Professional Standards and Practise

  • Putting it All Together!


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