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Small ways for yogis to reduce their carbon footprint

We all want to do our bit to help the environment and reduce the effect we are having on our planet. But, many people have the mentality that it won’t make a difference if we do our part or not as the problems are so vast. Well, we think this is all wrong. Little acts collectively create big results, so if we all change a few small habits together, we could create a big difference for the future. Right?

Here are a few ideas we have jotted down about how us yogis can introduce some small changes to reduce our own carbon footprints…

Bring a glass water bottle to your yoga class

Coming to a hot yoga class? You are sure to need water with you. But, will you buy a bottle from the shop on the way or bring your own reusable bottle? Gold star for you if you answered to option B! Did you know that our American counterparts throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles each year!! It’s unbelievable really isn’t it.

The type of material your reusable bottle is made from is also important, too. Not only is glass more durable and longer lasting than plastic alternatives, it also washes better.

Unlike plastic, glass water bottles don’t discolour and there’s no worries about BPAs or other nasty chemicals leaking into your water either. We think it really makes the water taste fresher and better too!

Leave the car at home

Making the decision to leave your car at home is easily the simplest and best way to instantly and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Walking is way better for your own health and the health of our planet too. With a bit of advance planning, you can set off a bit earlier for your yoga lesson, without having to rely on your car to get you there.

Live too far away to walk? Get your bike out! Cycling is a speedy and effective way to get from A to B and there are plenty of places to park your bike securely outside the Go Yoga studio. If you don’t have a bike or still live too far away, consider public transport options or care-sharing with a fellow yogi going to the same class. It all makes a


Think about what you wear

Fast fashion causes millions of tonnes of textile waste to enter landfill sites each year, which is bad news for the environment. Clothing retailers can charge next to nothing for mass produced items, but these items usually have a very short lifespan. Those £4 leggings you picked up last week will be sure to fade and produce holes after only a couple of washes, meaning they will probably head towards the bin before you know it.

Investing in good quality yoga wear can make all the difference to your practice as well as helping to reduce waste. Look out for organic cotton pieces or items made in the UK, which will have a much lower impact on the environment and less chance of having come into contact with harmful pesticides or carcinogens. The initial investment might be higher, but for regular yogis, the cost-per-wear will pay off after only a few months of owning the item.

Eat local

Once you have left your yoga lesson – feeling amazing, but very hungry – try to eat items that have been produced locally and that are in season. Eating regional produce helps to reduce the carbon footprint created by shopping for foods coming from afar.

Avoiding processed foods is also a very good idea. Not only are they usually packed with lots of hidden salt and sugar content, the processing plants that manufacture them are usually major polluters.

Freshly baked bread from the local baker, fruit and veg straight from the farm shop and home-made jams, honey and puddings are all delicious and now readily accessible to most of us who live in the UK.

Just doing your little bit could make all the difference – and remember to share your tips with friends and family members to see if you can impact their decisions too.