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Revamp Your Resolutions for 2024: A Fresh Approach to Goal-Setting

As we approach 2024, we begin to think about our New Year's resolutions. What will we achieve, how will we obtain or action our goals, is it a simple list, discarded in a drawer, or is it an amazing plan?

We're all different and for me it's honestly the former.

According to Steven Presfield:-

'People have two lives, the lives we live, and the lives we are capable of living."

So let's think about how to focus better for 2024.

Imagine the life we deeply desire, a different life, one we wish we can create, not the you that settles and gives in to procrastination and doubt, the confident you, the healthy you, the optimal self.

But how do you become the other you, what does it take to be your best?

This is such an interesting question, what would it take to do your best and be performing at your best every day.

In Brian Moran's book The Twelve Week Year, he states that the the number one factor holding you back is having annual goals and annual plans.

When we make a New Year Resolution, we can accept that it is not going to get done immediately and we tend to sit back and hold onto it. We may set a goal in January but come March, not much has happened but hey we still have another few months to go, so we sit back on the goal again and suddenly it's November and we are nowhere near our goals.

Ultimately according to Moran, productivity only occurs when execution occurs daily, weekly and by the moment.

Just for fun this 2024, why don't you set yourself a goal to occur in the first 12 weeks of the year. Now it's a 12 week year, followed by another 12 week year, it is your year, and you have four years every year!

imagine the implications, the deadline is always in sight so you can focus on what you need to do more clearly, every time you close up a year, you will have a surge of productivity.

Go on have a go!


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