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Online yoga and me: Penny Penman

Hello Penny. How are you feeling today?

Hello Caroline, I am well thank you.

Tell us about your yoga journey so far? When did you begin and how often do you usually practice? 

I can’t remember exactly when I started yoga, but I definitely started later in life (in my 50s). I think it was early 2017 when I was very stressed at work. At that stage, I was a complete beginner. I try to attend 2 classes per week normally, but do not usually practice at home.

So, we know you've been trying out our online Go Yoga classes since the.lockdown began. How are you finding them? 

I was really impressed with how quickly you launched the online yoga classes after the lockdown and have been really enjoying them.

Which classes have you tried so far? 

I have done the Tuesday and Thursday evening classes, and also the Chill and Breathe on a Sunday evening.

What are the differences you've experienced compared to the studio classes? 

Obviously there is less social chat before and after the classes online, but being able to say hello and goodbye to everyone does make you feel more connected.

Do you manage to still feel as relaxed doing yoga at home than you would at a group class? 

It is not always as easy to feel as relaxed at home because sometimes I can hear my husband around the house and the dog sometimes interrupts, but it's still very worthwhile.

Do you find that the online yoga sessions are helping you cope with self-isolation? 

The classes definitely help with the isolation of lockdown, helping to keep fit, keeping in touch and helping with mental wellbeing. 

I retired in June 2018 as a GP and am in the process of returning to work from home for the NHS. I will continue to really value the online yoga for the health and well-being benefits it gives me and I look forward to returning to the studio when we can. 

Keep safe



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