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Let's talk about Pilates

As part of our Go Yoga schedule, we also offer a selection of Pilates classes, run by the fabulous Amy.

So, if you've ever wondered what the difference is between yoga and Pilates or how you could incorporate both principles into your life simultaneously, then you can find out here.

Let's see what Amy has to say...

Hi Amy, how are you feeling today?

Really good! There’s nothing better than doing what you love for a living.

You teach Go Pilates at the studio - how long have you been doing this for?

I’ve been at Go Yoga for a couple of years now and it’s one of my favourite places to teach. The studio is fab and my regular clients are just the best.

When did you train to be a Pilates instructor?

I’ve been practising Pilates since 2011 and completely fell in love with it. mentally and physically, it makes you feel wonderful! And in 2016, I decided to become an instructor. Best decision I made!

What are the main differences between yoga and Pilates?

Pilates and yoga share similar principles and benefits and I always say to my clients, the two really compliment each other. Pilates as a discipline focuses much more on functional movement and counteracting the strains and stresses put upon our bodies each and every day. It’s open to all, whatever age, fitness level etc. I see Pilates as your weekly body MOT - Feel taller, stronger, more mobile, flexible and supple, less tense and with a sense of body awareness & control that infiltrates everyday life.

What can someone expect to experience during one of your classes?

Expect a dynamic flowing sequence of movements, designed to make you feel wonderful! You’re worked from head to toe and after regular practice, expect to see and feel the difference Pilates makes to your overall health and well-being. It serves everybody! So whether you’re recovering from an injury, going through menopause, pre/postnatal, a keen runner or cyclist, a complete beginner, looking to build muscle strength or just want to maintain a healthy and strong body and mind (and who doesn’t want that!), this is the exercise programme for you!

And, what are the main benefits they can expect to feel?

Core stability - helping to alleviate neck and lower back pain improvement in their posture and how they carry themselves. Greater flexibility, greater joint mobility and stability improvement in balance and coordination. A great stress reliever, both mentally and physically. Longer, lean and toned muscles The list is endless! :)

Is it a mixed ability class?

Yes, anyone is welcome along. Lots of modifications mean that exercises can be modified to suit whatever level you’re at, be it, beginner, intermediate or advanced. However, a basic level of fitness is required.

What has been your best Go Yoga moment so far?

The feedback from clients on how great they feel after a session! That’s what it’s all about for me.

What would be your advice to someone who is thinking of starting Pilates practice?

Just go for it! Have an open mind and be ready to work hard. What have you got to lose?

What days and times are your classes currently?

I teach every Monday at Go Revolution in Harrogate 10 am and Friday at Go Yoga Hornbeam Park 11 am.

Any questions, feel free to get in touch @risepilatesuk


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